About company

Rossia GmbH - Your reliable source for high quality raw materials and ingredients for food industry.

Rossia GmbH is a German full-service export supplier of high-quality vegetable oils and fats, canned food and commodities.

We are focusing on strong customer relationships and are supporting our customers by being flexible, fast and accurate. In combination with our competitive pricing and up to date information of market developments we help our customers to expand their markets.

We deliver a complete solution to our clients high includes fundamental and technical analysis based on Bloomberg tools.

Our experience

To meet the requirements of the demanding and dynamic oil market we always react quickly to changing situations, for example in case of delivery time, changing labels, or other demands, which shows that we are always striving for customer satisfaction. The knowledge of many years of experience in export, planning, production, transport, customs, buying and shipping enables us to deliver the best products and services for the best possible prices.

Through the years we have developed a global network on the commodity market. We share this information with our clients, in order that those making the purchasing decisions will be able to get the best possible results.


Our excellent company results point out that we have been succeeding in maintaining the quality standards and in adding value to many world-wide business partners. Here at Rossia GmbH, we are committed to delivering high-quality vegetable oils and fats from the best raw material available.

Our QUALITY, FLEXIBILITY, KNOWLEDGE, excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE and COMPETITIVENESS have enabled us to find new customers as well as new markets in Europe, South America and Asia. We believe that these are the keys to building successful business relationships.

Price policy

Oil is a commodity product which rises and falls in price in line with the laws of supply and demand and the volatile nature of the world markets. Reading where the market is going and what price to buy at is an art in itself which requires considerable expertise and skills.

At Rossia GmbH all oil buying is undertaken by the Managing Directors. With years of experience in the sector they are able to use their knowledge and wide spread contacts to obtain quality oils for our customer’s at the most competitive prices.